Insider Tips

  • ORDER FIRST: Get in line to order your food. Waiting for a friend? Have them meet you in line. Tables are constantly rotating. We promise there will be seat open for you AFTER you order your food.
  • COFFEE/DRINKS: We serve traditional, specialty coffee drinks. You will pick up your drinks from the barista at the PICK-UP station.
  • SELF-SERVE: We have two self-serve stations with ice cold water, utensils, and creamers.
  • ORDER READY? We walk out your order to when itโ€™s ready with salsa that pairs well.
  • READY FOR ANOTHER ROUND? Come on up and order with your cashier another drink or menu item.
  • AGUA FRESCA DEL DIA: Made from scratch daily. We do not offer samples however feel free to ask cashier for more details.
  • WORKING REMOTELY? We offer free wifi to our customers!
    Bringing the kiddos along? Have them try our Belgian waffle as it is great to share. Or even an Egg croissant served with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and avocado!
  • LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SWEET? Add one of our from scratch almond or matcha croissants! On weekends one per person so everyone can try one. ๐Ÿ™‚

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